Local, experienced, energetic, result-driven.

Bateman Partners is an understated, low-key company that has developed some of the region's most iconic properties. We pursue effective public/private partnerships, and high quality developments that improve business and residential neighborhoods.

Nathan Bateman, commercial real estate, Maine

Nathan Bateman

Nathan Bateman is the vice president of Bateman Partners. Nathan holds a bachelor’s degree from Babson College, with a focus on Finance and Entrepreneurial studies.

He is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Bateman Partners entities and their assets, including the creation of feasibility studies for potential projects, obtaining local and state approvals, securing financing and overall project management. Nathan is also the vice president and co-owner of both Phoenix Management and Phoenix Property Services located in Saco, Maine.    

David Bateman, commercial real estate, Maine

David Bateman

David Bateman is the president of Bateman Partners. Since 1979, he has been responsible for the acquisition, development, and management of real estate projects with a combined development cost in excess of $200 million dollars.

David is a trained architect with extensive experience in the field of design and construction, with expertise in the following areas:

  • Feasibility and market analysis

  • Project design and master planning

  • Public/private partnerships

  • Local, State and Federal approvals and permitting

  • Project financing

  • Equity syndication

  • Contract negotiation

  • Construction supervision and estimating

  • Project management

  • Sales and Marketing

David’s personal goal has been to provide Maine with innovative projects that improve the quality of life and economic opportunities for its residents. Whether creating public/private partnerships with communities or through traditional commercial, residential and resort developments, he has never compromised his basic commitment to quality of life.

Aaron Bateman, commercial real estate, Maine

Aaron Bateman

Aaron Bateman is the treasurer of Bateman Partners. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Babson College, with a focus on Finance. Asset management and financial planning are his principal duties at Bateman Partners.

Aaron is also the president and co-owner of Phoenix Management and Phoenix Property Services located in Saco, Maine. He has guided the growth of both companies, in just 10 years, from an employee base of 3 to a staff of 40 employees that manages over 1,000 units of housing, 250,000 SF of commercial buildings and multiple home owner and condo associates.